Cold brew office coffee has been getting a lot of attention of late. Traditional iced coffee is made by brewing hot coffee at double strength and pouring it over ice. However, it is recommended to steep cold brew for up to 14 hours at room temperature. This results in a balanced, uniquely smooth cup of coffee that’s chocolatey and low in acidity.

This method has inspired a number of inventive versions on the basic cold brew recipe of ground coffee and cold water. Here are 3 cold brew trends to try this summer.

New Orleans-Style Cold Brew

New Orleans-style cold brew is made by steeping freshly roasted coffee and chicory in water overnight, then filtering out the grounds. What remains is a bold, velvety-smooth drink with a deep, dark flavour conveyed by the chicory root.

Try this method using Starbucks Pike Place drip coffee from Vancouver’s Finest.

Vietnamese-Style Cold Brew

The recent popularity of Thai iced coffee and tea makes Vietnamese-style cold brew a logical choice. This coffee starts with a spoonful of sweetened condensed milk layered at the bottom of the glass. Then, finish it with a generous splash of cold brew. This coffee is strong, cold and extra sweet, far from the average iced coffee.

Remember to stir the mixture around enough to mix the condensed milk into the coffee. In order to get a balanced taste of coffee and sweetened milk, skip the straw and drink it straight from the glass. Try this method using a Martinson Dark Roast Office Coffee Pod!


Espressoda is an Italian invention from espresso brand illy. Coffee soda is a blend of espresso, club soda and vanilla syrup served in a latte glass. Our Brown Gold Brazilian bold roast office coffee pod would work great for this cold brew!.


If you like iced coffee, you may find a new favourite among the many different types of cold brew coffee. Try this latest trend in cold coffee at the office this summer! Contact us to get your office set up with Finest Coffee in Vancouver!